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Mk1-Braton Level Caped At 30


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When a weapon/warframe reaches 30, it's the maximum. At this point, you can use the item called a Forma on the lvl 30 item, which is a special, rare item.



If you played Call of Duty, using a Forma is a bit like Prestrige, where you reset your rank and do it again. Here it's the same, you reset the item's rank to 0 again. However, you also add a polarity of your choice in one of the 8 slots (or 11 in the case of a Warframe):



This way, if you have a certain mod that costs a lot which you want to put, and want to reduce its cost by half (such as Split Chamber mod which is 15 points when maxed), and you're certain of using that mod for this weapon, then you put the right polarity symbol with the forma and reset its rank, to level up again.


As immolator1001 pointed out, your weapon/warframe's level can't be compared to enemy level; it's two different things. Your levels are only to add more mod capacities.


As NotBot said as well, you can use something called Orokin Reactor (for Warframes - often called golden/yellow potato) or Orokin Catalyst (for weapons - often called blue potato). Using these (single use only) will double the mod capacity of your weapons or warframe.




Read carefully these wiki pages and you'll have all info you need.

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thanks all for the help. but I wish the info was here on this web page not on a wiki. devs that is pointed 2 you. info is power let them have the power.  thanks.

Scott mentioned the possibility of a Codex in Thursdays' Livestream!


so , maybe ;)




also, that makes me think, new players probably won't get the full idea of potatoes and etc without ever seeing it (starter platinum aside).

so, maybe the MK-1 Braton would be a unique weapon that has a potato in it, always? 

maybe ;)

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