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The Mod System Needs A Rework.


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When getting new gear, using forma on my favourite gear and generally creating new builds I notice one thing. 

Having to create a bunch of the same mods with different ranks is frustrating.

Especially with rare, expensive or exclusive (!) mods.

I have a bunch of unmaxed mods just so I can fit them anywhere. I also ranked up some mods with literally 1 point differences to use all capacity I possibly can.

It feels like a waste of resources, in my opinion a different mod system would be a way better idea for greater build customization.

Mod ranks should be "unlocked", not just set at a certain level. For example, if you max out Serration and want to put it on a weapon, you can either just put it the normal way - maxed, or, if you lack capacity, you can press some kind of button (MMB?) for a "mod rank selection" menu, to pick whichever mod cost you can. From a single mod, no need for different level duplicates.

That would help players use their mods to their fullest potential, even on unmaxed gear.

That idea would also reduce the amount of unneeded mods in the inventory, so people can just focus on maxing out a mod, (especially 10 rank mods) not getting each needed rank of it.

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You must be new here.

First, Welcome!

Second, not gonna happen. This is something many of us have fought for, for a very long time. The devs even acknowledged it before and effectively said it's not gonna happen.

Keep dreamin' though dreamer.

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