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Endo Fusion bug


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So Baro just came back, right, so I went to see what he had. I saw he had Primed Quickdraw, and I didn't have the mod yet so I went ahead and grabbed it.  I went to max it with the 43k endo I had because I didn't see me using the endo for anything else in the future because I had alot of the mods maxed already, so I went ahead and maxed it.   40k endo and 2 mil credits.   I went to put Primed Quickdraw on my Cyanex because I am playing around with it right now, and the mod is freaking unranked...🙃 ...So I go back to the mods station, to make sure I'm not trippin'.  The 40k endo and the 2 million credits is still gone, but my mod isn't maxed like it should be.  I am trippin' right now.  I relog because I was hoping it would fix it but it didn't.  I put one point into the mod, to see if it was the mod or something but it worked when I put a single point in and went to equip it.  So I am pretty ripped right now, 'cause I just lost 40k endo. The 2 mil ain't that bad because I still have alot of credits and it is not as hard to get credits like endo is.  So I am hoping DE can fix this by giving my endo back or maxing my Primed Quickdraw, because this is pretty tilting.  I have played since 2014 and this has never happened to me.  I really hope this still isn't an problem moving forward.

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