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Nezha is brok...AHEM fast.


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So, I recently discovered a new side of my favourite warframe - Nezha + Maglev + Cunning drift + Armoured agility + Rush = Speed-O-Sound Nezha. Like everybody i wanted to make him faster and i asked a clanmate (Volt - 300% ability strenght) to help me.

So... now im flying trough the Plains of Ediolon with 100km/s and i am wondering if I can be even faster. Any ideas? 

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-Zephyr Turbulence with augment 
-Equinox PWR Strength boosting the volt
-Nidus boosting Volts Pwr str (can use a spectre)
-the amalgam sprint mod for rifles
-Roll speed amalgam mod for pistols
-have your fellow Tenno use that pax exodia which increases pwr str (kitgun)

that's all I can think of on the top of my head

Sadly Saryn, Zephyr and Volt are faster sprinters than Nezha.

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