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Invasion Alerts stacking on the same location.


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Just saw an invasion pop up for some Orokin Reactors and thought SWEET I'll totally hit that up. However when I went to the Invasion Alerts tab it was nowhere to be seen. So I figured I'd give it a minute and check again, no joy. Decided to check region chat (shudders) to see if anything was up or if it was just me and there was a lot of confusion, more than normal at least, about the current invasion alert not showing up. 

So I decided to check the tracker to see if it was just the UI borking out and the invasion was actually there. According to the tracker the Invasion for the Reactors is currently on Carpo Jupiter. So I clicked on Jupiter and sure enough there is an invasion on Carpo, so figuring "good job ya dun it" I clicked on Carpo selected Grineer Invasion and.......... Weapon components? 

Did a bit of head scratching and then checked the tracker again and sure enough the Reactors are on Carpo Jupiter BUT so is an earlier alert for Weapon Components that appears to be superseding the more recent Reactor Invasion. I'm assuming that the game shouldn't be doubling down on invasion locations and this is a bug. 

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