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Defense Void Fissures locked on relic screen after host migration


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First off, sorry if this has already been posted, or is in the wrong section.

For the second time I've encountered a bug on Void Fissure Defense missions, where the host in a public squad had decided to extract when the option came up, and then after host migration, the game bugged and locked on the Void Relic selection menu. Both times I was with one other player who had stayed behind, and we were able to use in game Squad Chat, or one guy could still use his mic, but we couldn't get past the relic menu, and start the next wave.

The first time it happened, the other guy left, and I left too, but the game seemed to actually be going onto the next wave just before I left. The second time I thought I'd wait it out, but the other guy (A different player than the one before) had to go, and the game did go onto the next wave again, so I was able to continue.

There seems to be a problem with the host leaving, and then the game going to load the relic selection menu after host migration, causing it to get stuck there. And it only seems to resolve if only one player sticks around. If this is a recurring problem for anyone else on PS4, or with the game in general, I hope DE can fix it, because I know full well from the one time I left the game, that you still lose any relics you used, and forfeit any items you get, which isn't really fair on the people who maybe got something they were looking for, and then have to lose it, because they have to leave the mission because it bugged out.

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