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Possible "Fat Frame" abilities - concept


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Name: Fat Frame

Abilities -

Passive: Every 10 seconds ingest 5 enemies, adding to charge system up to 50 flesh fragments. Each fragment increases 1-health, 2-armor, or 3-damage reduction directly. Cap amount of health,armor, or damage reduction gained at 30~ charges but can gain up to 50 for other abilities. Charges deteriorate out of combat (no enemies around).

1st:  Use 3 flesh fragments and spit out 3 flesh orbs, scale-able with duration.  Flesh orbs health 25 health at base, scale-able with power strength.  

2nd: Use 5 flesh fragments to unleash a damaging explosive flesh sphere. Damage scaled to power strength multiplier on health of enemies ingested by passive (to scale to enemy difficulty), explosive radius 5m base scaled to power range. Enemies killed drop flesh fragments at 1:1? ratio.

3rd: Flesh aura to rip Flesh fragments of all enemies that enter the radius every 3? seconds. Each fragment ripped off costs health or energy (see equinox 3rd). 

4th: Transformation - At 20+ Flesh fragments activate to pull in 10? additional enemies to give more charges to passive. Each fragment over 20 gives 1 additional second on transformation, 20 second base, scale-able to duration. Transformation doubles the amount of flesh fragments generated by passive and doubles your health pool.


Simple and to the point.

Has damage reduction/EhP with passive and 4th, Healing with 1, Damage with 2, Ability to recycle powers with 3. Can use all sorts of builds, defensive, duration, efficiency, range, and strength.

Most things I personally look for in a warframe to be decent at all content.

Feel free to post any changes and what you look forward to see in the next frame or 2..

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