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Atlas Rework Ideas


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- I posted this under some 'Fan' topic before, because I didn't scroll down far enough to see this, sorrys

I'll put a TL;DR at the end, because you're one beautiful dude.²

So, Atlas is best waifu, don't @me. However, his abillities are rather lackluster. The small rework made it slightly more viable, especially his 3, which is fairly decent now (I'd personally give it a 5.5/10, opposed to the 1 prior) and the rubble mechanic is let's just say interesting. The problem with it as it stands now is, that the 3 has a rather long casting animation and if you enjoy playing in groups more than playing solo, that will cause the stoned guys to die before you can even attempt to kill them most of the time, due to teammates simply eradicating them in lower levels and if you run into higher level enemies the mechanic becomes rather useless overall because armor doesnt do that much, if you can obtain a max of 2622 (as of my current build, but the absolute maximum isn't that much higher). Point is, using only the 1 to tank is way more useful, because it doesn't put you at risk of getting oneshot and the armor wouldn't do much anyways. The only useful thing about it is the cc, but since most Atlas players go for a full efficency build to saitama the hell out of everything the duration is rather low.

To the 3; Instead of standing still for what feels like an eternity either make the 3 more 'fluent' so just sorta do it as you slide along into the dms of your imaginary gf, or make the 1 petrify targets behind your initial one as a kind of 'punch through' effect, because he's named after the titan that held the world and therefore strong. Like in a rather small radius (like a cone that starts behind the initial target and spreads in a 45° angle up to 3 meters). If you move the petrify effect to the 1, altho it would have to be slightly stronger then, the spot for 3 could be used for something cooler. Like merging with the rubbles that are stuck to your body to increase your healthpool by like 1 for every 2 rubbles and giving you a buff for like 1 second for every 100 rubbles you used that increases the effects of your 1 (range, radius, damage aswell as the petrify effect range)[I also talk about an increase in rubbles for a maximum of 4000 later on, just messed up the thought process a little]. The bonus health would also be affected by the duration of that thing, but I'd make the duration a fixed amount, because as I said, duration on Atlas frames in general is pretty damn low. (an increase in size at 1k, 2k, 3k and 4k would also be really really really cool)

Now to the most boring thing I've seen in this pretty cool game so far; Atlas' 2. It's not even a matter of debate if it's good or bad. An easy fix I would suggest just completely removing the 2 as it is, since, let's be honest, it has no real use whatsoever, except for blocking some ways in defense missions, but even there it gets destroyed pretty fast once you get higher level enemies. Now, there are several ways to go about that, but I'm not all too familiar with the design philosophy behind that frame. I would imagine that DE intended it to be more of a solo frame due to the absolute lack of any supportish skills and even stonerbuds for when your schizophrenia isn't enough anymore.

I would like to see him become more useful in a team enviroment, so I'd recommend turning his 2 into something completely different. If the rubble mechanic stays as it is, increase the maximum you can obtain to let's say 4000(also remove the decay) and increase the rate at which you get the rubble. The 2 could 'transfer' rubble to an ally and give them armor based on their health for example. The more basehealth, the less armor. And each time they get hit it decreases a bit, sort of like a damage reduction. Or just straightup turn it into a shield that absorbs x amount of damage until x amount has been absorbed based on how much you transfered to them.

Now, the last thing I'd like to talk about is the 4. The idea behind it is pretty cool, I'll give you that, those 2 might even be some guys best friends, but the execution is kinda meh. Aside from motivational support and some dramatic heartbreaks as they break down into rubble for you to be consumed, they don't really do much. Of course, there are more weak 4s in the game, but Atlas' 4 just doesn't fit at all - from a practical perspective. Again; Max efficency results in a like 10 second timer for Bob and Steve. I would honestly remove that 4 from its spot and maybe place it in the passive, where it doesn't get affected by duration mods. You could make it so, that once you hit max rubbles, as soon as you collect 10 additional ones they form golems that increase in size and damage with every 10 more you get. And maybe put a timer of 20 seconds, after that they either explode and give 50% of the stones you pumped into them back in the form of rubbles or just decrease in size and power. You could also make the 2 usable on rumblers so it doesnt become completely useless in solo play - so if they are already spawned, it gives you the abillty to pump rubbles into them and make them stronger.

Instead of that abillity you could then add something like 'Titans Rage'

- 4

- 50 energy

- requires atleast 1000 rubble to activate (does not consume rubble upon activation)

- Atlas commands the planet to obey his bidding and bolster his defesive and offensive capabillities;  For every 1000 rubble he has collected at the moment of activation Landslide gets an additional combo multiplier (from x2-x4 max to - x2-x4-x6-x8-x10-x12) and increase the size of the petrify cone. Atlas also becomes immovable (even when airborne) and his armor bonus from rubble tripples. 3 seconds after you last used an abillity, Atlas loses 500 rubble in 2 second intervalls. Can not be deactivated manually. If you reach 0 rubble, this abillity gets deactivated.



  • Increase max rubble from 1500 to 4000, increase drop amount, remove decay
  • Remove 3 and add it as a sideffect to the 1 (small cone with every punch)
  • Replace 3 with an abillity to consume rubble to gain more damage/range/petrify radius on 1 aswell as health | 1 second for every 100 rubble you used
  • replace 2 with an abillity to use rubble on your allies to give them armor/shields or some other def stat 
  • replace the rocky brothers with 'Titans Rage' or something similar
  • move the rocky brothers to passive - if rubble bar full, after 10 additional pickups they spawn, every 10 additional ones they grow in size and strenght - decay/destruction after 20 seconds of not gaining any rubble - release 50% of rubble consumed by them if destroyed
  • make 2 usuable on rumblers, so you can keep them alive if you're lonely
  • ²nohomo tho


I just reconsidered the 3, since it's too similar to the 4. In retrospect I'd make it similar to Inaros' armor abillity, but in reverse essentially.

Hold the key to turn rubble into health, press it shortly to sacrifice some gained health in order to petrify everything in a medium radius

 'Atlas merges with the rubble stuck on him to increase his healthpool aswell as size and if he decides to so, is able to emit a burst that petryfies enemies in a 15m radius, consuming 20% max bonus health' 


Please let me know what you guys think.

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While I do enjoy your ideas, from a personal note, they are not something I think id want with atlas. 


When I think of atlas, i see him as a earth bending brawler. His 1 is perfect as is imo. Maybe some stat tweaks but thats it. At least how I read your post (and granted you may have not meant it to be like this) you would turn that brawler into a caster hybrid, using rubble and energy to cast a lot of spells that can be buffed by comboing other spells. 

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Thanks for your reply.

I'd want to see him pretty much as he is played now, with a few tweaks essentially. I'll just recap it and try to make it sound clearer;

1: Pretty much the same as it is now, just with a small-med petrify effect 

2: Can be used to either build a wall (set the max to 3 per default) or channel rubble onto your allies, protecting them from damage

3: Converts rubble into health - being usable as a 360° petrify 5 times at max health

4: Massive damage and utility increase for 1, aswell as armor bonus and complete knockdown immunity | consumes rubble if not using spells (essentially after you didnt use 1 for 3 seconds) and can't be deactivated by yourself, stops once you reach 0 rubble

And I'd move the rumblers to the passive, since they're nice but rather useless with the playstyle that made people like atlas so far


So the core abillity in his kit would be the 1 whereas the 2 3 4 and passive would provide some use for rubble other than just a straight statstick


Would you have any other suggestions?

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On 2019-06-30 at 11:19 PM, -Bv-Concarne said:

Keep petrify a cone but improve the damage multiplier and completely uncap the rubble limit.

Would also be an option, but I'd like to see rubble without decay and it being usable to improve the petrify effect for exmple, sounds way more interesting

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i'll just copy/paste my suggestions from a different thread:


Atlas needs a heck of a lot of work done and while the "update" to him did lay some solid ground work to mess with it didn't do him nearly enough good.

Passive:  Objectively trash.  You have a low cap of 1500 armor that decays constantly.  You gain less armor/health from your rumblers if they take damage.  Prompting people to only summon and dismiss them immediately.  You don't get health AND armor.  You only get one or the other.  etc.

Changes:  Rubble now gives you 100hp AND armor per pick up.  Decay does not sit in until you have hit the armor cap.  Cap increased to 2000.  Decay is paused whenever atlas is using his 1.  Decay is paused for 5 seconds whenever atlas picks up rubble.  Excess gains from rubble spills into his energy pool.

Landslide:  A solid ability.  But considering it's the core to the rest of what he does it needs some polishing.

Changes:  Combo duration between hits increased from 1 second to 3 seconds.  Hitting the same enemy each time will make his next punch faster.  Removed uppercut in favor of hold to cast to have an aoe knock down slam that knocks enemies down in blast proc like fashion.

Tectonics:  A niche ability.  Can some what be used to stall choke points.  But is otherwise useless.  petrify synergy bolsters the weak aspect of the ability.  Boulder seems to be aimed at being some kind of cc for Atlas.  But petrify is better at this.

Changes:  Allies standing near the wall now get a flat boost to damage.  If atlas petrifies the wall it also bolsters his and his allies defenses while near the wall.  Boulder now causes enemies near it to stumble around.  Enemies near the boulder when it explodes suffer a blast knock down proc.  Augment improvement.  Atlas makes a full circle of walls around him.  recasting causes the walls to explode reducing enemies armor in the aoe and has a chance to petrify enemies if atlas casts petrify on the walls.

Petrify:  Is a near perfect ability.

Changes:  Range now increases AoE of petrify to a certain point.  Can proc statuses on petrified enemies.  Status effects won't be paused on a petrified enemy.

Rumblers:  Another example of an overly limited ability that does far too little for what it's capable of.  Augment is also basically worthless.

Changes:  Rumblers always give the same value of their ruble rather than have a scaling value.  Rumblers no longer are duration based.  Rumblers health and armor are by base two times of atlas's armor and health.  Can be modified by power strength.  Rumblers will perform an action dependent on Atlas's input.  If Atlas holds to cast landslide to do his slam rumblers will also do so but taunt enemies in the process.  Augment improvement.  Atlas gets a single rumbler with modified stats.  When atlas takes fatal damage rumbler dies in his place and atlas is given 50% of max HP back and a 2 second unmodded invulnerablity window.  The rubble dropped by this rumbler gives 300hp and 500 armor."

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6 hours ago, Golden_Atlas said:

Would also be an option, but I'd like to see rubble without decay and it being usable to improve the petrify effect for exmple, sounds way more interesting

Keeping the delay would better justify uncapping the rubble limit though since it'll give a sense of reward for active gameplay, sorta like nidus stacks. It's also the least amount of work that could go into fixing atlas, along with improving the petrify damage multiplier.

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