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Nekros 3Rd Ability: Consume Soul (Then Transform Into Whatever Enemy You Just Consumed Until It's Hp Depletes)


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Well, title is self-explanatory. I think this would be shang-tsungly awesome. Like the Diorama with the Nekros, removing and absorbing the soul of an enemy and becoming that enemy until his own shield/hp levels deplete.


Of course, several limitations could be put into place.. such as being unable to do it with robots (they don't have souls) or ancients (they evolved into something the original Orokin Tenno hadn't seen yet, therefore Nekros frame is incapable of dealing with an Ancient soul).



Just a brain fart, i know, but... well.. it's an idea. Better than desecrate ^^

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Steal runner soul.

Blow up.

Die because runners delete themselves upon attacking.

Am I doing it right?




"TRANSFORM INTO WHATEVER ENEMY YOU JUST CONSUMED UNTIL IT'S HP DEPLETES" implying the transformation will last as long as the target HP last. When it's killed, you revert to Nekros.

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