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Sort Of Question/feedback Hybrid Monstrosity Thread


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So I've begun building my dojo and I hadn't read into it much. Bought some platinum and spent it on Forma. I actually have no problem with that, I like the game and I'll spend my money on it.


Here's my question though...


All issues aside with being forced to demolish your dojo rooms if you want to upgrade or change its tile set, I'm under the impression that dojo rooms you "unbuild" refund that room's worth in materials to the clan vault for treasurers to withdraw. Does this include the Forma used to build that room? Also, do the other attached rooms that blow up as a result also refund their costs to the vault? I don't mind blowing up my whole dojo to rebuild a first floor room or an elevator, but I'd like to know I'm not wasting real dollars here!


Now for the feedback part:


"Change Tile Set" option that does not destroy the room kkthxplz. Decorations aren't a big deal but all we'd be doing is changing the room skin, right? Waiting 12 hours probably wouldn't be such a big deal if changing the tile set should count as a "rebuild" anyway, as long as it doesn't destroy a billion other rooms. I'm not getting any younger here and that'd be a lot of rebuilding!


Feedback part 2:


I like how Forma is the part of the F2P model that entices our wallets out of hiding once we get to the part of the game where we care about dojos. Seems legit since paid developers make better games and you don't need to build your own dojo to make the game fun. Keep it cheap like it currently is though - Those of us who do pay for our hobby don't want to go broke :(

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