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No loot after kuva survival


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I did a 1 hour run in Kuva Survival with a group of friends and towards the end of the hour i was experiencing some extreme bugging where I was stuck in operator mode and lagging around (despite having a low ping).  

After eventually making it to extraction after a number of revivals I got to the End of Mission screen and I received no loot other then credits and some relics.   This meant that all the Kuva i farmed in the hour (with booster) was lost, and i got none of the mods i picked up either.  

I checked my kuva by linking [kuva], hoping it was just the visual bug but i received no loot from the mission

I also restarted the game, to no avail.

I want my Kuva back 😞 DE pls

PS. I only thought to get screenshots after restarting my game but i could not access Last Mission Results in the menu


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You can try submitting a ticket to Support, but they usually require screen shots, not to mention other minutia relating to the mission such as every squad member, exact time, etc.  If they can find something in the logs, then they'll reissue ONE single reward item.  So one kuva, I guess?  And, at least as of a few months ago, it takes about 3 weeks to get a reply.

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