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Seems like Packet Loss


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I have noticed over the last month that there seems to be packet loss while playing warframe. I have looked at my end to see if there is a problem with my ISP, of which I can find nothing and I'm monitoring all the time. I remember something Steve mentioned mentioned the switch version and reviewing the code for the input, I'm not sure if that ties in but its worth a shot.

I have played the game since update 7 and this is the first time I have really had a problem of this type. Which is becoming increasing annoying to say the least when you want to melee an enemy and it doesnt repsond until 10 seconds later which is leading to frustration.


Any one else having this kind of problem?

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you dont connect to a warframe "server" when playing missions, you are connected to the host/server which is always player number (1) in your team list, they are the server, so any lag/packetloss you experience will be due to your connection to them and nothing no warframes side.

Tracing is pretty easy, you can get IP's in question and trace them through Resource Monitor or via Dos Prompt using TRACERT and/or utils like WinMTR...



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