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Rush Build Plat Costs


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I would love to see something where the plat cost to rush build was lowered over time, for example it's 50 plat to rush a frame. If you've waited 2 days 22 hours it's still 50 plat. I'd like to see this rate drop over time, to (for example) a minimum of 20 plat on the last day.


Take my Necros for example. I had to farm a ton of credits to build it which meant it was started late at night. It's still got 1d 16h to go and if the plat cost was lower I'd get it out tomorrow evening so I could start using it but I can't afford 50. I'd be much more likely to rush it if the price went down over the course of the build, and I believe most people would be the same.

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seems like low-priority coding

but at the same time, i think that this makes sense and would like to see it implemented at some point in the future

i myself am never going to rush anything, but IF this feature was ingame, then A LOT A LOT A LOT more ppl would rush crafting

pay attention here pls DE, this would be GOOD FOR YOU $$$$$$

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