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Limbo: Enemies freezing outside of Cataclysm/Stasis Combo


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Enemies entering the Cataclysm while Stasis is active shouldn't be frozen immediately, instead they should slow down into a halt. Their projectiles on the other hand will still be frozen as they shoot inside the bubble.

Currently enemies "flash" in and out of the rift when touching the outside of the Cataclysm which makes them annoying to deal with.

What I suggest is more like a bandaid cause interactions with the rift is still bothersome if you're not limbo but at least with this situation, enemies aren't stuck on the rim making them semi-immune to our weapons.

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At first i didnt really know where this would go... ^^

But yes, the problem you describe is an actual problem that annoyed me sometimes aswell.

Your solution seems perfect and well thought out - cataclysm+stasis still does what its supposed to do (prevent all damage), but we wont have this weird switching anymore.


Btw, I bet someone might want to say "just deactivate stasis real quick and activate it again to let them walk in a bit".

This works, and i actually do it when i play Limbo (which doesnt happen very often, but still 😄), but if another player is Limbo you cant rely on that.

(i think the whole rework Limbo got some time ago was only done because so many people were complaining about Limbo's in their team, so i guess this is a valid reason)

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Something like a Lull slowdown I can get on board with. There's an inherit danger when used against melee enemies whose attack could land as they get slowed to a halt, but some form of weakness is easily prevented with smart play.

Have them fix Mutalist Carrier's projectiles hitting Excavators inside Cataclysm while we are at it.

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