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You're offered a position to run Digital Extremes and all of Warframe for one day with permission to alter anything in the game within 24 hours. What do you do and why?


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Wow, wanted to elaborate on my thoughts on the great suggestions I've seen so far or add new ones:

1) "Delete Rivens": instead of removing them outright; I would prefer if I am allowed to lock-in certain traits I like before rerolling (if kuva has to be used, so be it)

2) Make auras equal in usefulness: many useful auras are limited to select enemy types and thus rarely used unless the build is enemy specific. IMO CP is overused, if going by DE's strategy with rivens, they should start buffing other aura mods
3) "Make Ephemera tradable":      +1
4) "make rewards scalable, starting with Kuva"  (and Vitus Essence. U forgot Vitus)
5) Ash’s old bladestorm should not be straight up brought back, had issues with the Ancient disrupters in infested mobs everytime.
    Instead, I would change the animation to have some synergy with other skills:
    -shurikens should mark enemies for his doppelgangers to kill
    -teleport would have increased range.
    -smokebomb would cover an aoe for the set duration as an addition to his innate invis
6) "Reinstate raids":

but add beginner mode so more would be able to learn how to do it. Alternatively: allow for public party-matching system so the schoolbus would not be restricted to discord. Peeps should be able to use it even if they are using a potato com that cannot multitask and open multiple tabs.

7) "Add passive energy regen"       +1 (will replace energy siphon)
8 ) "Give all frames at least one spammable damage power":       +1
9) "Delete conclave": there are so many issues with it I don't know where to start. JK, rmb to protect ur eyes if u enter the salt mines in conclave forums 😛

10) "Make all augments and Natural talent Exilus compatible":      +1

in fact I would make exilus a non-essential mod-slot. Pretty sure DE knows that the bullet jump mods with elemental effects weren't used much,
which could be why ephemeras appeared. Its akin to the lack of usage of "peculiar..." mods.

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  • Reduce revives to 2 and 4 if you have arcanes installed
  • no more self reviving
  • sorties and arbitrations are behind the full completion of the star chart and require several missions (like kuva fortress spy, assault, jupiter spy/rescue) to be done solo
  • increased grind in junctions so that player replay missions more times and have gameplay that justifies jumping into another area/planet.


My point is simple, players have now access to a ton of different things at the same time in an area, yet, they want less and less gameplay to be able to achieve those goals, leading to some cringy moments in higher areas or from high MR players.

Players lack gameplay, they advance to fast for my taste.

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-an option to allow our operators to “revert the void anomalies” in their genetics, allowing them to properly age up. And naturally change lotus’ dialogue in some places so she acknowledges the change

-allow us to fuse our spare blueprints for endo and credits to shorten the build time.

-allow us to lock a certain stat on our rivens at the cost of Kuva when we reroll. The better the stat, the higher the Kuva cost.

-warframe body sliders. Obvious enougj, I’d just like to make Volt really gangly. 

-Add waist accessories. Since frames like Volt and Oberon already have their own removable gear to accommodate for shoulder pieces, why not have that for the hips. We could have belts, sashes, coat tails, and even tails! 

-when you buy a new color, it adds to one giant palette. Admittedly it gets confusing to use different palettes with more or less the same colors...

-make Gersemi Valkyr’s tail more in line with Wukong in terms of physics. Her tail is very stiff and janky when it moves.


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1st: create a store for cosmetics that can be bought for in-game currency (credits) and/or resources.

This includes:


Color palettes

skins (for both warframes and weapons)


Because, most of the cosmetics must be bought with platinum. I know DE must make money somehow, but I would like to see more cosmetics that do not require bought currency.

2nd. Return the raids back into the game

Why? Endgame

3rd. Create a auction house, where people can deposit prime parts or sets to sell.

why? It gives people a chance to sell items for platinum while actually playing the game, instead of being forced to choose between trade chat and the rest of the game.

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I would:

-Remove Sound Quake

-Add a proper railgun sniper

-Reverse the sniper scope nerfs

-Add a scope to every single weapon, including melee

-Remove Endo from the Sortie reward table

-Increase the amount of Kuva gained from Sorties to 10k

-Make a 'Worst fashionframes compilation for 24 hours' and force feed Pablo with tacos while he has to watch it until he reworks Vauban, Saryn and Nyx.

-Add a difficulty slider, individual extraction and join in progress for Endless mode.

-Add a Hardcore mode for Kuva Survival with slowly scaling rewards and Banshee, Hydroid and Harrow as the only frames usable in the mode with non-cheesy weapons and a limited operator.

-Add an option to fix one or two stat on riven rolls, at the expense of it costing twice or thrice as much Kuva each roll.

-Add Lanka Vandal/Secura Lanka and Dragon Daikyu/Daikyu Prime.

-Add a mechanic to Sonar, which would slowly move the weakpoints to heads, further amplifying the damage, this would take about ten seconds, unaffected by mods.

-Add a fixed value to Silence's range, only affected by a slider, unaffected by mods.

-Increase Sonar's base range to double its current value, so it would be more viable for open world instances.

-Remove the Vacuum mod.


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No need to put me in charge, I offer these ideas freely and will offer any assistance I can to get them implemented. Looks like a lot but I think most of it could be done by modifying and re-purposing existing code.

  • Remove Archwing Launcher and make it inherent to Archwing.
  • Make Archwing, Archgun, K-drive, and other vehicles activate via the d-pad or directional keys when holding the 'ability' key instead of being gear items.
  • Link vehicle configurations to Warframe loadouts.
  • Allow disassembly of unguilded modular weapons.
  • Tweak 'Howl of the Kubrow' quest to be given by Teasonai.
    • Replace 'Kubrow Egg' and 'Kavat DNA' with a 'Domestication Pheromone' that can be used to turn a capture into a pet. Specific to species.
  • Change Syndicates to have bounties instead of Alert missions.
  • Change all bounties to function like Nightwave tasks, independent of sessions. Completing a bounty restores a revive up to current maximum +1.
  • Modify landscapes to support eight or more players.
  • Make squads independent of sessions, like a console 'Party' function.
  • Allow players to party up at Relays or towns, or trigger a matchmaking search by dropping a Loc-Pin while alone.
  • Hide 'raids' within landscape maps, similarly to the Deck-12 scenario.
  • Add Transit Stations around the far edges of landscape maps that can transport players to other nodes on that planet for a small credit fee.
  • Allow landing craft or Railjack to be called from menu, show animation of incoming ship before extracting
  • Change all extraction room tiles to transit stations for seamless gameplay.
  • Give each planet a ranking based on missions completed by global player base.
    • Ranking up increases enemy difficulty and lowers resource drops to encourage variety.
    • Resets with each Invasion cycle.
  • Convert Invasions to a single three-part mission where a squad plays on each side and must complete a series of objectives before the other squad to win.
    • Make Invasion rewards more like Syndicate Offerings.
    • Add a 'fireteam' of the relevant faction as an Invasion offering that functions like a deployable spectre or Clem-clone.
    • Make Invasion 'Progress' function like planet rankings (above) to globally increase resource drops from that enemy but lower difficulty (Inverse of Planet ranking).
    • Make enemy faction rankings from Invasions tier like Syndicate standing, triggering an event at each increase.
  • Expand events such as Balor Fomorian and Razorback fleet to be multi-stage, requiring a buildup (collecting resources to build a 'key', tool, or find data), a main phase (typical mission type with specialized enemies and objectives), and a Finale (major boss fight such as the existing Fomorian, Razorback, or Hemocyte battles).
    • Each event will offer an exclusive item upon completion.
    • Rare resource drops are increased for the event.
    • Planet rankings will not effect event missions.
  • Add all cutscenes and Wiki info to Codex.
  • Change Syndicate Emblems to only gain standing in Conclave.
  • Remove all Archwing parts from Syndicate offerings and place in drop tables, Replace with modular weapon parts and cosmetics.
  • Add a 'Control Room' to the Dojo with it's own Cephalon as a planning table to list research goals, Invasion plans, and to simulate Dojo building from a map view with unlimited resources to see total requirements for actual build.
  • Move Frame-Fighter to Conclave mode.
  • Add 'Dojo Plunder' mode to Conclave...
    • Hosting team must defend their Dojo against an attacking squad.
    • Each lab functions like an Interception point, attacker progress lowers the barricades from the Dojo Control Room, defender progress unlocks the attacker's landing craft.
    • Kills don't count to score but build up 'Reinforcement' rewards that function like landing craft 'Air-Support'. Alliances can offer additional reinforcements
    • Dojo Control Room functions as a 'Sabotage' objective. Entering an enemy control room triggers a countdown timer to complete the mission before the clan's cephalon can upload to an outside data stream and escape. Capturing the Cephalon scores a win and shifts clan alignment toward 'Sun'.
    • Attacker's landing craft functions as a defense point that disables respawn. Seizing and then eliminating all enemies scores a win for defenders and a 'Moon' alignment shift.
    • Wins grant 'Plunder points' that can be used to unlock clan research without spending resources.
  • Add Dojo Armaments room to allow research for Dojo barricades, security grids, and other decorations, as well as new 'Reinforcements' for Dojo Plunder.
  • Add Clan Alignments based on Plunder mode.
  • Add an alignment emblem that displays current alignment like the Rank emblem.
  • Add color palette and minor cosmetics or decorations to Conclave based on alignment.
  • Tweak Conclave matchmaking to prefer matching emblems.
  • Replace Tenno Relays with a themed relay for each Syndicate.
  • Add a dedicated Conclave arena that functions as a relay with a Spectator mode and Hall of Records.
  • Place a Billboard in Maroo's Bazaar that allows players a persistent WTT by depositing an item and specifying a trade. Items will be sent to Inbox in 3 days if not met or instantly if traded.
  • Make accounts, Clan Dojos, Maroo's tradeboxes, Invasion progress, and events exist across all platforms (Cross-progression).
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Am 30.6.2019 um 11:48 schrieb Pr1A:

Revert Ember nerf

Change the daily rep limit formula to MR*2000, capped at 40 000

Upon trading Rivens, players get a huge warning box: 'I hereby acknowledge that Riven dispositions are subject to regular change'. Those who still come to the forums to whine about how the riven they just bought got nerfed will be punished by forcing then to play Vauban with clown colors for the next 30 days.

Remove Defection because f*ck that mode, never met anyone who actually likes it

Remove pet stasis mechanic

Decrease Forma craft time to 8hrs

Replace Forma sortie reward with Umbral Forma

Increase filled Anasa Endo yield to 4k

Remove Endo from Sortie rewards and increase Riven drop rates accordingly

from all comments here i think thins ones are the best because they would be doable, make sense and arent a gamechanger and would improve qol thing a lot.

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I'd add Kuva Scaling. Nuff said. Jk. I'd make the kuva fortress drop kuva in EVERY node. Either the enemies drop a small amount, or the missions themselves, so players aren't forced to go to survival to gain a hardly large enough amount of the space boba.

Get started on a massive warframe update oriented around nearly every warframe getting a lookover, determining their place in the game, if they're actually viable warframes that feel fun and aren't pushed down to a low tier because of their previous inability to accomplish the tasks of better suited frames, based on their abilities. Update warframes that clearly need a buff or rework in some way. Something like "The Resurgence" update or something.

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Make Umbral Forma available on the store for plat as well as make it into a reward for special events.

Make that datamined Omega forma a reality, forma'ing a slot without having to relevel, yes please.

Revert the Nerfs to Ember.

Take Chroma, and

1. Make his 1 a charge ability that when released will fire a damaging beam of energy, during the charge phase Chroma absorbs damage and adds it to the damage and size of the beam upon release. Also Chroma can move slowly like Nyx with her assimilate during this phase.

2. Take his 2 and 3 and combine them, keep it recastable, increase the cost accordingly. <---Less fat fingering keys in crucial moments

3. Make his 4th ability his 3rd, and have it function like an actual companion that can attack instead of just a doorstop.

4. Make Chroma's 4th ability be to cycle through his elements on the fly like Ivara and Vauban can with their kits, and not have them dependent on his energy color.

5. Make his passive be to take 50% damage from attacks, 25% if he is using his new 3rd ability.

Give all frames a passive energy regen.

Give the option to shut Ordis up.

Give the option to automatically inoculate and or outright disable catching space herpes for your frames.

Remove any nightwave goals that require you to gild a modular weapon.

Bring back the alerts and get them to co-exist with Nightwave.

And other stuff as I think of it.

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1. Release Harrow Prime as next prime

2. Harrow +  Harrow Prime noggles

3. Add a 'landingcraft docking into orbiter animation' since the Orbiter is supposed to be a separate ship from your landing craft and many people don't realize that.

4. Replace landingcraft with orbiters when in squad (looking out the window of orbiter to see landingcraft of friends)

5. Bring back raids and their cosmetic rewards

6. Add more Kavat species

7. Remove plat to rename pet option

8. Remove plat to rename clan option

9. If clan emblem is accepted, plat is refunded to player

10. Make archwing good

11. More variable kitguns, zaws

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