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Warframe keeps getting “Corrupted Data” Messages and Puts my Ps4 into a Soft Lock.


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Hello. Ps4 Player Coqui_Prince here.

Everytime I go to Fortuna and or Orb Vallis, Warframe would crash, stating “Warframe’s Data was been Corrupted”

I have deleted and Redownloaded the Game three times. And I even started to see the Corrupt Data. Whenever Biz talks to me through Communicator in the Orb Vallis would just be an complete Black Square. 

Warframe’s Corrupted data then causes my PS4 into a Safe Mode Loop Softlock. I had to reset my entire PS4 to fix it. I am afraid to redownload Warframe. Someone please help me, I don’t want to abandon this game. 

I want to know what causes this and how to fix this. 

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