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Cross Alliance Event Capturas


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Below is a list of some of the capturas from the Cross Alliance featuring Gilded Phoenix, Lords of the East, Aetherium, & Lone Regiment.

Special Shoutout to the Leaders/Representatives of those fantastic communities @-CG-Squiddy  @Lyvshalker  @Sean @Umbrasi @MrFaithZ



Our Alliances have already Confirmed & Announced that we are looking to the future and will be doing another Cross Alliance Event! 

Going to tag a few staff just so you guys can see the beauty from this event! 🙂 Communities getting together and doing something fun is honestly the greatest aspect about Warframe. You've built an amazing game and awesome people have floated into the Warframe community! @[DE]Rebecca  @[DE]Taylor  @[DE]Danielle  @[DE]Megan (we tagged you girls specifically because we know you love capturas!) 

Special shout out again to all of the Donators for this event, the participants, and the Guest Judges!
It was a lot of judging and back and forth on entries to come to our decision! But we are even more excited to do this again in the nearby future 🙂 

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Was amazing seeing this come to fruition and to also see so many people take part! Thank you to everyone who joined in and congrats to all of the winners! I already cannot wait for the next one... 😄

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