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Wukong's Clone with his 4


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Posted this in a other thread, so I'll just copy paste it (sorta, cleaned it up a bit). The gist is that while Wukong's Clone and his 4 are both active at the same time, canceling his 4 in any way, whether it be purposeful, energy running out, nullifiers, etc., will cause a plethora of bugs for both the player and the clone. And I truly do mean it when I say 'plethora.' So here's the polished post:

'I've noticed since the last hotfix, the game has been very broken. The most recent and actually scary bug was when I was stuck as Wukong unable to do anything except run and bullet jump. Skills and weapons wouldn't work, his animations were stuck too (everything except running and bullet jumping). I escaped when I got grappled from a grineer and that must've reset my positioning in accordance to the server or whatever. I've also noticed MANY other glitches with Wukong's 4 while his clone is active, such as the attack and skill disability and animation lock, which happens in several severities and in all combinations of each other, me and/or my clone being stuck unable to switch weapons, me and/or my clone being stuck in his 4 even when I cancel it, me and/or my clone not having a weapon equipped after using 4, my and/or my clone's primary switching with my secondary on random while my clone and his 4 are active, being put in and stuck in the defy animation when in between 2 tight platforms (such as the small gap in Helene/Hydron when the platform is raised, you know what I mean, you've fell through there many times), and much, much more. Mind you, that's just with Wukong alone, not the entire game. I'd be here for an hour or two if I'd be talking about everything the last few updates bugged up. I've noticed Wukong's rework being the update that introduced so many bugs, but I've also noticed that each hotfix after that has brought in many, many more.'

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