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Explosive Launcher Weapon Questions



So I was learning about the Lenz from the wiki, and I quote the wiki: 


...The arrow itself will deal Impact b Impact, then a large Cold b Cold proc will occur when the arrow hits an enemy or surface, before exploding with Blast b Blast damage. This is why if the user adds a single elemental like Electricity b Electricity, the weapon will show both Magnetic b Magnetic and Electricity b Electricity at the same time.

Does this mean that by equipping elemental mods, elemental damage will be added to all three phases of damage applications? Which means equipping a single stormbringer will have the following effect: 

Unmodded Lenz per shot: 

initial impact: 90 impact
initial burst: 10 cold
bubble collapse: 660 blast

Lenz with a single stormbringer: 

initial impact: 90 impact + 81 electricity
initial burst: 19 viral
bubble collapse: 660 blast + 594 electricity

First, am I understanding this multiple damage phase modding mechanics correctly, and second, is this true for other weapons with multiple damage phases (such as the penta)?

Also, just regarding the lenz: when it comes to crit, does every enemy affected by the initial burst and bubble collapse crit individually, or do they all crit off of the same rng?

Thanks in advance

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Yes the Blast rolls Crit separate for each target, including extra blasts with multishot and for each stage of damage.

If you Added Stormbringer to Lenz you'd get the Arrow Impact + Electric, then Magnetic with a forced Cold Proc then Blast + Electric Explosion.

The cold proc stage will always proc Cold status regardless of the damage type you change it to unless that stage actually successfully got a status proc in which case the Cold proc is overwritten by the damage type you've changed to. It will also only combine into a different type of element when the Elemental mods you add are uneven like adding one or adding three.

All three stages are affected by Base damage, Multishot, Crit and Elemental mods. However the Cold stage is only affected when changed to a different elemental type.

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