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STILL the most Boring #ss grind in the game ~ventkids RANT


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Why is it that we still need the boring grind for the ventkids to be so tedious..

Please just give us the points we score in stead of quartering the score so we will have to do more of this ridiculous grind for something that had to be fun but totally isn't.


Please change the scores we get when doing tricks into direct score for the ventkids..

If we do a 3k trick.. just give us the 3k standing

What is the problem there?

NOBODY likes the grind here..

Hell, i cant do more than 10 k standing per day as i feel like turning of the damn game.

Great Gameplay --> NOT


I really don't think the devs will like level of constructive feedback here.

But since it launched its been agony getting Ventkids standing

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I agree ventkids grind being boring. If you are not using it, I recommend taking Poppin' Vert 

https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Poppin'_Vert (for you lazy peeps xD)

this will allow you to basically grind standing effectively anywhere in the maps (and not be limited to the pipes / pearl) as a well timed double jump will prevent combo counter from being reset

hope it helps 🙂

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I've found it much less tedious to run races instead, now that they massively increased how much standing you get. The average race gives about 3-5k standing and only takes about a minute, then you just archwing back to the start and repeat. It doesn't take that many runs to max out daily standing, and not much time either. It's also a lot less braindead than grinding in a circle for ages.

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Just program a bot to run the K-drive in circles while doing trick chains. pick an open space like a Lake so that it doesn't crash into stuff or get bothered by enemies.

about 40mins to max the standing for the day.

best to leave it running while you have dinner or something that would otherwise be interrupting your normal Warframe Playtime.


Note that in a recent official announcement, DE said to use Macros and 3rd-party Programs at your own risk; they refused to provide specifics.

However they did make an important side note: that 3rd Party Hardware was OK.

To comply with that I recommend using a TitanOne/CronusMax Controller Mod; as these allow the programming of scripts via your Controller Hardware instead of via the risky 3rd-Party Programs.


And if DE is reading this:

the above commentary is Satire meant to encourage You, to reduce the grind that motivates players to do such things.

K-Drive is boring, give us more interesting ways to earn standing; or at the very least increase the gains.

You know, those Ventkids have to eat right? what If we could gain standing by doing Bounties for them? Raid corpus supply depot for food canisters, k-drive parts, etc. that would be fun.

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Let's face it, K-Drive is in the same state of Lunaro. Overhyped but dead on arrival.  It's fairly rare to see Rank 5 Ventkids players.

Another reason is that it can't outrun archwing and we can't use weapons once we're on the board. 

If K-Drives have AW speed at max boost and we can use weapons people would use them more.


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It's a flop.

Meant to be an alternative way of earning standing but fell flat for either assault or transport. Cool idea to personalize it too, but you cannot be bothered to be attached to a thing with no value.

Maybe an expansion will make it worth our while in the future. In the meantime, i feel your disappointment, do try the races. It changes locations mind you, but it was a bearable grind for me.

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I find it running the race The hard Way is very fast standing earnings, its a circle rigth next to fortuna, you gotta do it a few time but its still better than Pearl spining. Whats worse than grinding k drives? K drive affinity gain thats what, I swaer my brain melted when I was doing tricks on the pipe behind fortuna till I capped my daily, but they give so much mastery that I couldnt just avoid them I needed those for mr27 back when exploiter was first introduced. And to get the mos tof kdrives you gotta use magus drive which takes an operator slot but still even then that one rock or pointy mesh part is going to get you flying like a hit from skyrim giants. I did all the races for achievement and plan to use magus drive for the 1m meters traveled to do it faster along with speed mods, after that Im going to not look at them again or just outrigth sell all of those cursed things

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