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Mastery rank


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Putting forma on a frame/weapon/whatever will not increase your mastery XP.  You must rank up brand new items or do new nodes/junctions on the star map to gain mastery XP.  If you have ranked up a weapon/frame/etc to 30, obtaining a new copy of that weapon/frame/etc will also not give you mastery XP.

So, my suggestion is to take screenshots of your profile showing your MR XP and your codex with your weapons used.  Find a weapon that you have never used before and build it.  Screenshot it being rank zero.  Go into a mission and rank it up a few times.  Screenshot the EOM rewards showing your weapon gained ranks.  Go back to your profile and screenshot it again showing your MR XP.  If it has not increased, send all the screenshots to support.  My guess is that you'll find it will increase once you start ranking things you've never ranked before.

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