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Low Download Speed?


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Hi guys, for some reason when I update Warframe, the max speed is 50-80kb/s and my internet speed is ~1mb/s. I'm not a noob so please don't tell me it's because of my internet. I simply want to ask if this is server problems or new bug?

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one thing for sure it's not exactly your connection, there's a problem with the launcher part that routes our connection to the content server or something like that. this has been happening from even before April this year (about after U6 - Stomping Ground update to U7 when mods 2.0 comes out) i got mine slowed down from 50KBps to 1 - 5KBps, which was fixed along with another update / patch after that.


just in case, try throwing a support ticket, categorized as launcher / update bug / problem,

there is a section in knowledge base about this issue and everything you need to provide them, notable the tracer to their content server and your launcher's log.


check it https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/entries/23625148-Launcher-Slow-download-speeds'>here



i've posted a https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/110694-1010-launcher-is-downloading-at-a-very-uncharacteristically-slow-speed/'>topic about this in Launcher bug section, might be good if you check it in near time to see if there's a respond from a staff regarding this problem, if you are still having this problem.

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