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My Fellow Tennos, My Brethren!


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At this difficult times, I call upon you all!


Stand strong, stand tall. Stand together and we shall not fall!


Alright, enough with all those speech BS. Here I'm trying to say is.


At difficult times like this (DE mess things up, RNG and all that crap). Don't give up hope, help each other. For some of you who keep taps on forum almost 24/7. You already know how much time and money I've spent on this game and yet I'm still unable to obtain a few single item in this game. Throwing stack of money in DE's face does not work, I've tried. You should stop trying, too.


If you have a key. Try not to limit it in your Clan, help all Tennos as a whole. Help those who are in need. There are plenty of more unfortunate players out there, who desperately wish, to have a glimpse of those glorious Prime gear. Yet with their social status, they may never have the chance. Life, work, and all such. Not everyone of them are able to spend as much time and money as some of us can into a video game. But that does not mean they don't deserve the chance to see the wonders and marvels of Warframe.


I'm here, to thank few fellow Tennos that have helped me with my journey to obtain the infamous Dakra Blade. (Re-cap: Spent $30 on Void Key Packs, only 1 T3 Ext key. Had to beg/trade/hunt the recruit tab to have a chance into T3 Ext) I'm firmly touched, where there are Tennos out there, who have already gotten what they need, yet they still host it for random strangers that they have never met, to try help them achieve what they wish for.


As a community, we should stand as one. We should stand together.

I for one, will not wait for DE to make changes for us.

I for one, will seek help from my fellow Tennos, helping each other.

I for one, will make things, happen for myself!



I'm touched by the warmth and good of the humanity left in some of the Tennos' hearts. And decide I have the need to share the message.

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