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Nightwave Intermission - recovered acts not working


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All displayed acts completed, relogged in and found three recovered acts showed up as completed.
Gilded Weekly(Recovered) 6000 points : Gild 1/1 Modular Items
Rescuer Weekly(Recovered) 6000 points : Complete 3/3 Rescue missions
Vault Looter Weekly(Recovered) 6000 points : Unlock 4/4 Orokin Derelict Vaults

I missed these three acts in the past weeks, however I had completed the same acts in Nightwave Series 1.

These three acts didn't give points as they showed up completed and won't give points if you disregard the completed state and try to complete them.

Judging from the official Nightwave Intermission forum post, these acts are probably stuck for they are neither completed(no points, no farther missed acts) or uncompleted(UI display).


Playing Catch-Up: Stored, Missed Acts!

  1. When both Weekly and Elite Weekly Acts are completed for a week, a ‘missed’ Act, 3 at a time, from a previous week will be available to play and complete. Once you have completed all ‘missed’ Acts, they will no longer appear, only to be refreshed in the next week’s rotation.


Below are screenshots that show all acts completed but only at Rank 13, the Catch-Up system is definitely not working properly. 




Please fix the Catch-Up system before Nightwave Intermission ends in just 4 days, so many of us that missed the previous acts can get to Rank 15 in time.


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