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AXI L4 Farming


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Greetings, Everyone !

So, the vault will be closing soon and I was not able to got all parts of Volt Prime.  And farming this L4 relics were a pain. On sabotage missions I got nothing, and my lucky was best on Survival Missions, I mean, I play solo most of the time, and surviving 20 minutes on Mot, was the only way to get 3 AXI L4 relics. And I manage to get 2 Loki Systems, and one Odonata Prime Blue Print. 

High level missions, are still hard for me because, the enemy have the habit to one hit KO, so is very frustrating stay on the mission for like 18 minutes and die. 

So, if anyone is interested, let's play a few runs on Mot or Mithra, for me is the best place to farm, because on the C rotation there is guarantee chance of get an Axi relic as a reward. 

I usually play everyday, from 6 PM to 8 PM and from 10 PM until 1 AM (I am in Brazil so GMT -3).

Send me a message here, on in the game and lets try to gather some relics, we may open then together too. 

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