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The Warframe is moving on its own.

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2 hours ago, (PS4)the_awsome123 said:

Could be the controller 

Agreed. Try cleaning the thumbstick base with canned air. I also VERY  carefully put a TINY bit of light machine oil, I use gun cleaning oil, with a Q-tip, around the base/bulb part of the sticks. I've done this several times to two controllers to good effect. Also I think that you can buy sets of new sticks. 

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Le 01/07/2019 à 21:30, (PS4)CommanderRadec81 a dit :

Is anyone else notice this glitch where the warframe(this is probably happening to the operator as well) would randomly move to the left while shooting? I noticed this while mining even tho I'm not touching the left thumb stick to move.   

I had exactly the same problem some few month ago. I tried with another controller and it worked so it seems that your controller have a problem too.

Have you tried with another one ?

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