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Wisp Motes Not Effected By Energy Conversion.


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It appears currently that Wisp 1st ability is not currently working with Energy Conversion.
I see no mention about specific interactions with this mod in game that would make it not work, no mod description specifications on what abilities this mod can and can't effect so i can only imagine that this is a bug.

Update: Motes are effected by Energy Conversion.  the buff is not applied to the mote that you deploy though, the mote will be deployed at its regular strength without effect from Energy Conversion and on cast will cancel Energy Conversion, the way to get the Energy Conversion buff to work with Wisp motes is you must wait for the timer on the initial buff received from casting the mote to expire or be cancelled by something like falling off a cliff, you then pick up an energy orb to gain the EC buff and then you go back to your mote, once you collide with the motes ring you will receive the motes buff that has been enhanced by EC, this can happen with multiple motes at once,party members don't seem to receive the extra bonus, this doesn't not expend an EC charge, once you get the enhanced buff so long as you maintain the buff by returning to the mote before it expires you will maintain the enhanced buff.

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