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Kuva braid bugged, not starting


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Not sure if this is the right place to report this, sorry.

But I did a kuva flood and the braid was right near my spawn however it was glitched so that it wouldn't start sucking up the kuva and the model itself was also broken so that the actually braid parts would not open up from the main kuva siphon. It did work when i abandoned and restarted the mission however.


Image: https://imgur.com/xNSF4eE

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This is an annoying bug which happens occasionally on Grineer galleon tilesets, and it's been around for a while.  Just had it happen to me again:


A Kuva Siphon will often spawn in this room.  You can see the prompt to use Transference, and the opening transmission from Worm.  The starting room is visible in the map overlay, at the bottom right corner. .


Here is the Kuva Siphon, located in the spawn room: the braids don't drop until you reach the room where the Siphon is supposed to be.  Map overlay is present again.

Support ID # 1466193 from October 27, 2018; Support ID # 1873322 from today.  Hope this can get fixed soon.

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