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Vertical Wallrun Randomly Stops Working And Unresponsive Sprint


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There are two quite annoying bugs which started to happen after update 10...

Sometimes vertical wallrun just stops working, you jump in the direction of wall holding jump + sprint (just plain sprint, not sprint+roll or toggle sprint) and....you bump in a wall and fall down just like when performing a normal jump without any obstacles.
This similar to situation when two persons tries to wallrun in the same spot (remember shafts in asteroid tileset), except that there is no other person in that spot.
After some running around wallrun works once again in the very same spot.
This bug mostly happened in the void when trying to do wallrun on pillar to the second floor in the multi-floor room with a water pool and two elevators on sides or in the small 'secret' laser-disco room.
Once wallrun started there is no problems with chaining wallruns.
Low stamina is not related to this bug at all, happens with any remaining stamina.


Sprint does not work from the idle stand position, i.e.
1. stand still
2. hold sprint key (not toggle or roll key)
3. start moving forward
Expected: you start running
Actual: you walk. holding sprint and walk -_-


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Do you happen to have a specific location (ideally with screenshot) where the wallrun issue happens for you? From what you describe it sounds more like a level problem rather than a systemic issue but I want to make sure!

Thanks for attention!

It happened in derelict ruins, former laser-disco room, left and right walls on bottom screenshot:



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I can confirm this and also add in that it occurs in the asteroid missions where there is the short vertical wall runs to flip up into a pipe for instance after shooting out the fans. Not 100% of the time, but enough to be noticeable when it happens to me or a teammate.


This also tends to happen in one or two particular Void "rooms", but I can't really describe those offhand and am not in them to screencap atm.

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