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[Index] Financial Stress Energy Drain Persists After Points are Banked


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Hello. Per my title, I'd like to report the Energy drain from Financial Stress persisting, specifically after a large volume of points are turned in. It is not something I can consistently reproduce as of yet, but I experience it most commonly after amassing a very large volume of points (I believe I mostly see it happen if I bank at least 20-30 at once). As I only play High Index, and only with Rhino, I have only experienced this under these conditions. I also liberally use Energizing Dash in the Index, in case that could somehow be related.

While the debuff will seemingly go away after banking such a large volume of points (minus the part that we normally have in High Index), the Energy drain from the full Financial Stress value will remain. Full energy is gone in seconds under these conditions.

Dying will reset it, allowing energy to behave as expected again. As such, the map with ledges allows you to fall off and reset, so this can be worked around somewhat. However, the other two maps require you to actually die to enemies, which is not ideal.

I haven't been able to figure out what interaction seems to cause this, but I believe I have only had this experience after banking a lot of points at once. If I keep it at reasonable numbers, it doesn't seem to ever happen.

I would like to clarify that I am aware of the normal energy drain, from the static Financial Stress, that comes with High Index. This is clearly not that.

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