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Orbs vallis achievement bugs...


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Orbs vallis achievement bugs :

Hi i tray everything to get them done invested lot of time in to get them done 😞

Animal Lover 1/10 (solo play Orbs vallis) hunt and make multiple perfect capture my progression stays 1/10

Race Ace - find map of all locations on internet my in game map shows only 5 locations (10/22 done) and most of locations in my games are empty no vent kid spawned ...

Vallis Spelunker (28/30) on my in game map every cave is explored all 30 shows up and i did few times wisit all of them progress stuck at 28/30 

Plz tell develpoers to tray to fix them chek out those problems ty big warframe fan greatest game in f2p part of industry 🙂


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