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Who Regret Buying The Void Pack Keys?


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If you feel that way you might as well feel like you wasted money every time you bought something and it went on sale later.


Such as every PS1/2 Game you've ever owned.


That sandwich that you bought yesterday that probably would have been sold off cheaply at the end of the day etc.

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Me, incase anyone is wondering. 


I have given DE over $700 dollars, yes 700.


They have failed to shown me they earned that.


My wallet is now closed, and their pool of money has ever grown smaller.

It doesn't matter now. Someone else will spend $700 in your stead.

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Anyone who spends over $250 dollars on a game like this is a mug. Sorry, I know it sounds offensive...but you really have too much money.


It is not worth that price per person. It might be how they survive but a good F2P game should encourage all players to want to drop $15+ on it. Not harvest money from ocd game fanatics with too much disposable income.


If the game resulted in everyone wanting to drop 15 dollars into it they might as well make the game non free to play, the reason the game is pretty popular is due to it's free to play model and the fact it's. Free to play.


What other people do with their own money is their concern and calling someone a mug is idiocy, just because you'd rather save up money so you can keep dropping the soap doesn't mean I'm going to call you a dong fiddler.



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