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Valkyr stuck in Hysteria


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Hello fellow Tenno,


I experienced a strange bug right now. 


I was leveling some gear on Sedna, Hydron, using my Valkyr Warframe, Stalker's Dread bow, a Catchmoon Kitgun and the Zenistar. Up until Wave 10 everything went without any issues whatsoever.


But as soon as  my squad reached said wave 10 and i activated Valkyr's Hysteria, killed some Grineer and went out manually, my Valkyr got stuck inside her Hysteria. Still invulnearble, but also incapable of doing anything :0 Her arms didn't move, weapons didn't switch nor was i able to use my abilities at all. The only thing i could do was moving the Frame herself and jump.

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I've been experiencing a similar bug on PS4 for a couple of weeks now. Only twice has Valkyr become completely stuck, immune to damage but unable to fight, change weapons or even reactivate skills. I did manage to open a locker but I couldn't assist in a revive. So far this has only happened in public matches and not when i have been playing solo.

More regularly, when exiting Hysteria Valkyr gets stuck in the animation and won't fire the Primary or Secondary weapons unless I first attack with melee or force a weapon swap. Have you been seeing this as well?

I also note that there is someone who has posted a similar issue on the Xbox One bugs area.


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Well, some time has passed since the last reply.


The bad news: The issue still exists. And it seems to effect any exalted weapon you summon in order to wield it. Wukong's iron staff is also effected by this bug.


The good news:

As far as i tested the only way to fix this is to reactivate your exalted weapon and exit it again. Sonetimes the bug doesn't even allow you to switch weapons properly to clear the bug. And for Transference i need some more testing if that clears the bug.


Anyways. It's a enoying bug which screwed me over sometimes, even killed my Frames in heavier missions like Sorties and Arbitration, where movement and constant attacking is key. One break inside that and you're done for. And it hurts me to hear that this is an older one, not a recently slipped in one.

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17 minutes ago, (NSW)ohgodzilla said:

Not sure if it's related, but I'm also having an issue where I get locked into a crouch if I slide and cast an ability at the same time. It's gotten me killed a few times now

Yeah, I find this happens a lot when transferring back after doing an energizing dash as operator too. You have to sit still and tap the crouch button to go back to normal

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