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warframe crash on start up


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hi players i.ask if any one have the same problem or a fix for it .

my game crash on the start up.loading screen.

i did check the internet for a fix and unstall the game again and made a date check through steam and tryed diffirant fixes but . but i dont know if there an issue in the servers to affect my game start. so please help.

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Isn't any widespread issue with the server and if you have uninstalled/reinstalled the game it probably maybe isn't the game files tho it still could be. 

When you say it crashes at the start up/loading screen do you mean the launcher is crashing or the game crashes once you've hit play on the launcher? If you can get to the launcher in the upper right hand corner there is a little gear wheel, pressing that will bring you to a menu where you can Verify the game Cache, you really never want to Verify the cache through Steam.

You might also want to double check to see if you have the latest version of your graphics drivers installed. That can sometimes be an indirect culprit. If those are indeed fully up to date you might try switching API modes to see if it's some issue with the version of DX you are trying to run the game in? 

Also I guess it could theoretically be your security software, I wouldn't disable that but if you check through the logs, if it is the cause then there should be some indication that it has flagged and terminated the Warframe application. If that is the case you would need to adjust your rulesets to allow Warframe to launch normally. I know there was one time I spent three days wondering if another game was down and it turned out that one of their recent updates had invalidated the rulesets I'd set for it, causing my firewall to block communications with the game server and another time where Protal 2 (when it first launched) was causing my whole computer to lock up because my antivirus was halting it for validation after the game had switched screen focus to a black screen..... which caused my whole computer to lock up until I went in and manually applied the rulesets before I launched it. 


Anyhow those tend to be the most common issue resolutions that I've found to be personally helpful.


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