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new idea for an update by crazylol1378


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hi i had this idea for like a week  but maybe nobody Will love it but i would like it, so going directly to the point


this mode would be like a type off sandbox-captura mode where we could customize our warframes with anything that there is in game (colors, accessories, helmets, etc) and also our operator and be with Friends for example fighting a custom eidolon with our dream loadouts in a like simulation battleground that we could change like warzone, orokin , forest, snow zone etc, and make awesome clips like suddenly add war,war never changes meme while fighting or take screenshots of everyones operator with custom loadouts and that after loging out that areaa all loadout turn back to how they where

yep this like a playground area, just chilling in a warzone five feet appart cause they are not gay 0w0

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