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I'm trying to launch Warframe right now and it gives me the following message on the launcher:



Update failed!


The content servers are temporarily unavailable.





I have not changed anything with my internet which has worked for Warframe just fine thus far, I have no connectivity problems, and I have seen this message numerous times, and it usually just requires a launcher restart and the game checks for updates and launches normally.


However, it keeps giving me this message every time I try to connect no matter how many times I try to run the launcher, also, one of my friends is having the same issue. It doesn't seem like it's affecting everybody, but in case we aren't the only ones, you aren't alone people lol.


I was just wondering if there is some incompatibility, some setting I should try I don't know about, or if the Warframe servers actually are down, and a notice hasn't been posted yet.





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This last hotfix seems to have killed quite a few launchers.... after doing many a thing, mine was back to downloading a few KBs per second... but its currently at 6.2 Mbs downloaded even though the hotfix is just 6 MBs... well, maybe it doesnt count anything under 1 MB since its not supposed to be this slow...


On checking for new updates right now.

Also, just noticed we lost the orokin reactor alert thanks to this =/


EDIT: and steam says files are corrupted or something, redowloading the files, then redownloading this 6 mb one...

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