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Kela De Thaym is a Broken Pile of Twitching Flesh


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Kela functions normally during the first stage of her boss battle. Things break when she enters her coward box for the first time. As soon as her first stage ends, she turns into a flesh puddle on the way to the box. You can spot this in my video below. Then, for the rest of the fight, she remains a disgusting mess with a horribly deformed skeleton. She will say her lines and teleport in and out of the box for each stage, as expected, but otherwise performs no other action. She remains almost perfectly still, only just writhing around a little. She doesn't attack. She doesn't jump to the walls. She doesn't do any movement she is supposed to do. She just sits there and dies easily. The only correct thing she does (after breaking) is her death animation.

This was not a random fluke. I ran her assassination three times in a row. She exhibited the same issue each time. I'd wager this occurs most reliably, but I'd rather do anything except farm for Rathuum points just to test that.

Behold, the uncut boss fight to scrutinize: https://youtu.be/5SqTJ-bZMD8


This very consistent skeleton glitch reminds me of another very consistent skeleton glitch: how utterly broken the player's own skeleton is during some cutscenes in the Ropalolyst fight. Has some intern been messing with the skinning pipeline?

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More info and video
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