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Frames Reset to default colors when I log need help to fix this!


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Ever since Saturday when I bought several pallets to fashion frame each of my 38 frames with new colors etc.  After spending several hours making each frame unique I logged for the evening.  When I logged back on hte next morning each and every frame was back to their default colors.  Annoyed I redid each frame colors and logged again for a couple hours.  When I logged back on it reverted back again to default colors.  I then hit the "Verify" and "Optimize" buttons and logged back in and redid only a few frames and logged out.  As you guessed those frames still reverted back to default.  With no other option I uninstalled and reinstalled Warframe.  Changed 2 frames colors and logged out.  Yup back to default again!!!!!!!!!!


Anyone know what is happening here?   How can I fix this?


I opened a ticket and they directed me to this forum



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