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Plains of Eidolon Remaster introduces problematic lighting/low visibility for Eidolon Hunts

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With the new remaster, my team finds the hunts are now GREATLY impeded by lighting issues during the Eidolon hunts! Not only do we now suffer from being blinded by the effects show that goes on down there, but we now have to content with poor lighting on the subjects we need to focus on most; Eidolons! Our functionality has been greatly hindered due to the inability to clearly see our targets and their limbs in the now poorly lit (more exactly said, dimly lit) nighttime world the Remaster introduces.

Rather than seeing limbs clearly, we now have to fight to focus our eyes, not only through the enormity of often blinding lightshow effects, but now we fight to see through hazy weather conditions and the darkness itself rendering the Eidolons as pretty much gargantuan silhouettes in the night sky.

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3 hours ago, Zenviscerator said:

Turn off Adaptive Exposure in your settings

I have this turned off and color correction turned off but still I'm getting blinded during eidolons. Some fx on weapons like staticor also had this weird blinding crap going on since the idk 2nd energy update, I think  (it didn't bother me before but an update made the fx more eye cancerous somehow).

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13 hours ago, Gamalahalaf said:

For this I can recommend putting in black for second color, this makes all this type of weapons effect much more bearable to watch. 

I have tried changing the energy colors to black but there's like an effect on the weapon itself that you cannot modify that somehow's darkens the area where you shoot so your eyes keep adjusting on that short moment of dimness.
This is the same dimness going on during Eidolon fights, they weren't as bad before, then some updates happened and now this dimming thing effect became more horrible for the eyes.

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