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Critical Hits And Multi Shot


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I swear I read this on the wiki under multishot/crits at one point in time but I can't find it anywhere. I've been having an argument with someone and despite my searches I can't find the answer.

I believe that when you have a duplicate shot with a multishot mod, that extra shot is an IDENTICAL shot including critical hit. If the first shot crits, the second one does. In that same logic the second shot should not have a chance to crit over the first one not being a critical hit, right?

Or perhaps I've been under the wrong information, does anyone know the correct answer about how multi-shots and crits work together? If possible can you link me where this info is..? Can't find it anywhere.

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the extra shot from multi shot is a completely seperate shot, so it does not have to crit if first shot crits and it can crit if the first shot doesnt

From what I have heard this is true.

Each shot has its own crit chance.

I think same is true for other things, like thunderbolt with split chamber; one arrow may explode while the other doesn't.

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