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2019 Operator Wishlist


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Compilation of popular asks for Operator features, for better usability ALONGSIDE warframes, not instead of warframes.



  • Operator Syandanas
  • Operator Hoods
  • Operator Armor Pieces
  • "Normal" Operator Faces 
  • Extended Operator Voice Options - Reworked operator dialogue triggers, and options to customize dialogue.
  • Operator Furnishings - Bed/Table/Chair/Food etc furnishings for Orbiter and for Dojo.
  • Dojo Operator Chambers - Private Chambers, but in the Dojo.
  • More Tennogen Operator Cosmetics.
  • Operator Age/Size slider - allowing to age-up to late teenager/young adult years, to preserve the feeling of "You're still a child" that is inherent to the story, while allowing for more mature Operator options. [Lore Friendly, because we don't know how long it was before the Tenno were rescued, and we dont know how long it was after rescue that they were put into Stasis pods, so some age differences among the "children" are possible.
  • Alternate AMP animations.


  • Powers/Abilities affected by Focus School - More drastic changes than the minor buffs added from current focus trees.
  • Parkour 1.0 - give (Very limited) parkour abilities to Operator, akin to Parkour 1.0 where they could run up walls (keep Parkour 2.0 reserved for Warframes only)
  • Transference Bolt - consumable item that allows your Warframe to fight alongside you using Spectre AI akin to Excal Umbra.
  • Operator-Only challenge modes (reward extra focus)


  • Melee Operator Amps - changes alt-fire or primary fire to a blade of void energy for melee attacks.
  • Operator Sidearms - allow select secondary weapons to be wielded by Operators. (single pistols, throwing knives, etc. NOT dual-grakata, etc)
  • "Signature" Warframe-Operator binding - "Bind" your Operator to a Warframe, making it your personal Warframe, allowing your Warframe access to the pre-War Within "Operator Scream" Transcendence ability and a permanent +5% Tau resist. In addition, it allows Operators access to the Warframe's passive.
  • Operator Abilities Rebound - [Instead of linking Void Blast, Void Dash, and Void Mode to "Melee", "Bullet Jump", and "Crouch", it would be definitely feasible and doable to instead bind these abilities to the abilities keys, 1 2 and 3. This leaves Melee options open for Operator, as well as weapon switching, and crouching behind cover without using up energy, better facilitating previous features. /spoiler]
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16 minutes ago, Talonflight said:

More Tennogen Operator Cosmetics.

lemme correct this 'more tennogen-like operator Cosmetics' as thats DE's part to do, while just tennogen it has to be made from someone thats not DE, also I dont feel like paying real money while plat is fine

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  - Overall rework of the physics of the clothes, concerning all the outfits of operators, to avoid the clipping.
Equip manduka suit and test others outfits parts with it, you will see..

- More control of our combat pose.
Right now we are forced to equip scanner to take a non-combative pose, and it doesn't correspond with our focus animation set anyway.

- More tutorials about developing our operator.
Too many players do Chains of Harrow with a "very noob" operator, even without the first amp.. It's an horrible moment.. and I don't even talk about the sacrifice..
The game need a new mission type, of "training" for the operator.
To earn daily focus, and nothing else, with specific ways, corresponding to the theme of each focus school.
It's illogical having to fight teralyst with a weak operator, or having to earn ridiculous focus amount with our first free lens.
Ordis, Simaris, Teshin, even Onkko, one of them could be a good teacher for that. Even wally could teach us some "dark secrets"..

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See, I had this as a concept, and I think it might fit here too;

'Amps' for the Operators' other abilities.

So, we have Amps for our Void Beam that change how it fires by quite a significant amount, but also hives off an 'ammo pool' from our main energy that can be used separately. Picture these:

Celeritas, a piece of Operator equipment that augments the Void Dash. It can convert the Void Dash into different kinds of dash movement. While a basic one can turn it into a directional dash with higher base damage in the vein we already have, there are those that can change it for greater control at the cost of higher drain on the energy, or greater distance at the cost of some control, or even generate a directional teleport that removes all the damage and effect from the travel and concentrates it on the point of arrival. (Think Wukong's new Cloud Walker for the first, Zephyr's Tailwind for the second, and Nova's Warp for the third, if that helps).

Combine the Celeritas with Arcanes that can change the types of damage it can deal, increase the secondary effects (like the ones for the Amps), and even combine with the Operator's Focus School abilities. For example, a Celeritas that changes the dash to a teleport, and an Arcane that increases Focus properties, could be combined with the Vazarin Focus, to create a radial burst of temporary invulnerability and restore up to 100% of the affected ally's health over the period of time (the base Vazarin Dash only restores 75%). Combining the Celeritas that creates a longer dash with high momentum afterwards (for faster travel in open spaces) could be combined with an Arcane that causes the dash to deal Corrosive damage, and then with the Madurai Blazing Dash which leaves a trail of fire in its wake, this would now create a far more effective line of fire in the chosen direction, but change the 'fire' to 'corrosive' damage with the Arcane and it would be more effective against armoured units.

Impulse, Equipment that changes the Void Blast into other forms. While the base version would simply separate out the 'ammo' pool for its effects, making the blast more directed, focused and damaging, the other variants would change the ability into different kinds of energy impact. One could turn the blast into a cutting edge at medium range with easy repetition that mimicked a sword stroke, another could shorten the range and concentrate a deadly amount of force into a very, very small area like a dagger, the next could create a wide area-of-effect as an impact to the ground or the target like a hammer blow, and one more could make a very narrow attack at a higher range like the thrust of a spear.

Combine these also with Arcanes that adjust the damage types and the basic effects, such as Status or Critical Chance/Multiplier just as the Amp Arcanes do, and with the Focus School abilities... What Madurai user hasn't wanted to dual-wield their amp in one hand and a sword that creates flaming arcs with each swing? What Unairu user hasn't wanted to be able to pick a key target and stab them with a spear that makes them a bullet-attracting target that starts self-damaging while also dropping that all-important Wisp for greater damage on the next attacks? What Naramon user hasn't wanted to dash straight through an enemy, opening them to a Finisher, and then actually back-stabbing them with a dagger? And come on, what Zenurik user hasn't wanted to bring the hammer down on a crowd of enemies and shock them all with an electrical blast that slows them all down like a mini Stomp? Swap out that Electric damage for Toxin to hit straight through Corpus Shields, or for Viral to debuff all your enemies for a follow up from your Warframe.

With an Amp, a Celeritas and an Impulse equipped, the Operator would be formidable in a different way to the Warframes. Plus... it would leave that base pool of energy free for your stealth mode, which is always something that people can appreciate ^^

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15 hours ago, Azvalk said:

The game need a new mission type, of "training" for the operator.
To earn daily focus, and nothing else, with specific ways, corresponding to the theme of each focus school.
It's illogical having to fight teralyst with a weak operator, or having to earn ridiculous focus amount with our first free lens.

Something like this would be great.

Much how reputation is earned in Nightwave by doing tasks (rather than based on affinity gains) would really be a great way to give alternate options (while keeping what we currently have) to gain focus for building up operators.   Eidelons really feel more something operators should be doing once skilled up a bit, not something done to become skilled.

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