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the game keep crashing


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I tried everything but nothing works

I have the files and everything



Waiting for process named warframe.x64.exe...

Process:               Warframe.x64.exe (6140)
Process image:         E:\Downloaded\Public\Warframe.x64.exe
CPU threshold:         n/a
Performance counter:   n/a
Commit threshold:      n/a
Threshold seconds:     n/a
Hung window check:     Disabled
Log debug strings:     Disabled
Exception monitor:     Unhandled
Exception filter:      [Includes]
Terminate monitor:     Enabled
Cloning type:          Disabled
Concurrent limit:      n/a
Avoid outage:          n/a
Number of dumps:       1
Dump folder:           C:\Users\kasr1\Desktop\ProcDump\
Dump filename/mask:    PROCESSNAME_YYMMDD_HHMMSS
Queue to WER:          Disabled
Kill after dump:       Disabled

Press Ctrl-C to end monitoring without terminating the process.

[22:39:59] Exception: 406D1388
[22:40:21] Exception: C0000006.IN_PAGE_ERROR
[22:40:21] Unhandled: C0000006.IN_PAGE_ERROR
[22:40:21] Dump 1 initiated: C:\Users\kasr1\Desktop\ProcDump\Warframe.x64.exe_190703_224021.dmp
[22:40:24] Dump 1 complete: 13 MB written in 3.1 seconds
[22:40:24] Dump count reached.




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