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UI/Camera moving with mouse cursor on Mod screens, a way to disable?


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I am just curious if there's an option in-game to disable, or a way to ask if the developers could add an option to remove the screen movement/shake that happens when you move your mouse around on the Mod upgrade screens when adding Mods to Warframes or Weapons, or upgrading their ranks on that screen.  
It's something that used to not bother me several years ago but as I have gotten older and become more susceptible to camera movement and motion sickness in games it has become worse and worse for me to look at.  Some times it makes me feel nauseous to the point where I have to close my eyes or look away when moving the mouse around on those screens to click on different Mods or add/remove Mods.
This is on PC.

Thanks for your time or help in answering any questions

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Necro topic, after days of googling this is the only mention of this i have found, as a disabled gamer with neurological issues and nuro-divergent issues this effect single handedly is the reason i keep quitting the game and can not play it, with several friends picking up the game recently i NEED to know if there's a way to disable this it is literally painful for me!!

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