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The Sixth Ability


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Well first of all I should inform you that this is just an idea that my friend and I had during a casual discussion about what it would be cool for developers to add in the warframe game if they had no idea of character creation.
 Well, during the conversation I came up with an interesting idea to bring to all warframes, a new ability focused more on the visual and character mode of each character, a skill that could be used together with 4 other Habilities of warframes. how cool would it be if we could make it rain with the sixth ability of the Hydroid, or if Wulkong could leave a faint fog on the map while using other abilities, or a slight fog of sand over the map when using the sixth Inaros ability, in the air using this sixth ability, Imagine lightning falling from the sky so not exaggerated in using this sixth ability of the Volt, imagine if that sixth Frost skill for example could cause it to start snowing in a very large area around it.

Remembering that it would be cool that these skills were not as strong as the others, but rather geared towards a visual effect of each warframe but only affecting the others. For example, hydroid rain besides the visual effect would increase type 2% increase in electric, cold, and viral damage. Reducing the time the warframe is on fire.
Frost's snow would increase the chances of freezing the enemy by a few percent. The thick spores in the air from Saryn only slightly increased the chance of enemies becoming infected. The sand mist from the inaros would only reduce the enemy's speed by 5% for example in addition to giving a visual effect on the map at a considerable distance as well as that of the other characters.

If you have found the interesting idea of a problem in what could put in the sixth ability of the other characters, or change in those that I quoted therefore any constructive idea new and welcome.
Well, they're going to read and think about something like that.

The reason for calling the sixth ability is that the button in sequence of skill use and from 1 to 4, and the next 5 invokes the operator. So the idea of a Skill that does not expend energy but rather something else, and that is turned more to visual effect then came the idea of the number 6.

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Superfluous powers and visual noise. Going to make it personal only? Because enjoy being blind if everyone tries to keep up these minimal buffs all the time. 4 continual zone effects plus more people when Trials are re-released. A cacophony of effects over an already effects heavy game. And of course there will be people complaining about some visual they find particularly annoying that will be spammed in every group.

Then the actual benefits of using these minor abilities. Still a power creep, yet also so weak to a fault that adding them would be highly questionable time wasting.

They could just make a Weather Frame and sell it to get some heat off Limbo in terms of hate.


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thinking very well about the problem cited by (@Firetempest). I ended up having a new idea in which the sixth skill would no longer be something turned to the visual as quoted in the first text, I thought of a new hability characteristic of each character in which he does not use energy but rather something else like, void energy, or a bar that loads slowly by making use of standard skills, or a bar that filled according to the number of dead enemies.Obs: this ability is not to replace the passive that already is something well developed by the DE. It would be more like one more skill, now whether this ability will be strong or weak and something to be discussed since all the characters already have at least one strong ability.

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