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Please Implement The Ability To Rejoin Missions.


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This has got to be one of the most infuriating things in the game. Something goes wrong and the game crashes, and then you're SoL. It seems like there is already something keeping track of what we get in a particular mission because otherwise how would it know what to take away in the case of a failed mission or add in the case of a successful mission.


I have had friends stop playing the game because of the frustration caused by this, I have had friends lose their times and all the loot for survival missions lasting over an hour, and I have lost things myself due to the game crashing or randomly losing the internet for a few minutes. The content you have added recently requires grinding to build a key to grind to build a key to grind a boss for his drops. At any point someone in your group missing out on a particular part of that hurts. If someone was in a mission to begin with just let them rejoin it even if the mission is complete and give them the items they already earned.

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