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Sawgaw Stuck in Air


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While hunting animals for floofs, it's often that I tranquilize an animal as they are in motion. This is also the case for Warframe's bird creatures, Sawgaws. I've come to notice killing them in midair always results in them getting stuck and thus cannot be claimed, I've already lost 6 rare sawgaws as a result of this. I will include 3 links to videos going over what the glitch looks like, the third will be an example of me triggering it. Please patch this soon!

Clip 1: 

Clip 2: 

Clip 3 (shows trigger): 


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I had to deal with the nightmare that is sawgaw hunting on PC when I was completing my floof collection a couple of weeks ago. I suggest using an AoE sleep ability just to get the tags you need for the floofs you want, and then going and hunting literally anything other than sawgaws if you want perfect caps/standing. Even if they don't get bugged midair or fall through a mushroom, they have these frustrating hitboxes that make them really hard to hit with a tranq (or even navigator + tranq). I probably spent 2+ hours hunting the last 3 or 4 rare and uncommon sawgaws I needed.

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