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How is this a profanity?


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On 2019-07-04 at 8:11 PM, Firetempest said:

Its in the word anticipation. cipa  Polish: female genitalia. I tested in clan hierarchy names. It wont take it.


Are you #*!%ing kidding me? 

The checker should not check for words inside real, normal, English words. It's stupid that it does that 

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This is what happens when ppl go too crazy on being offended.. Yes, a handful of terms I can understand ppl wanting blocked. The rest though, this is why there's a profanity filter, and a mute function, and an option to close chat channels, it's also an M rated game iirc.

I mean DE themselves make sex jokes, cuss, etc.. I'm a grown man, I can handle someone saying the f word or 4SS, the fact I have to write these this way annoy me.

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I just wanted to say that... I do understand why some certain words are not allowed. And i am not against it. But i will say this. There's nothing wrong with calling your weapon 'trap' right? Because i saw someone sharing a picture. And the uploader named his zaw 'trap' and his message got deleted... I mean... Why? 😕 he posted like two messages here and both of them have been deleted.. I don't know by who... But again.. Why? =\ and if this message is getting removed as well... Please tell me why. That would be really appreciated. (Obv by the moderator who might delete this)

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