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Mods: pls improve capacity conflits msg, installed or not symbol


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I mean the message that pops up when I want to enhance a mod that would then exceed the capacity of wherever it is installed.


And since I have it installed in more than one frame it would REALLY help if I knew which frames/weapons/sentinels/etc. are affected. Then I could at least decide if I want to continue and forma the few cases involved, and I would know which ones I need to check after the fact. 


In fact the whole "mod installed or not" symbol system is so basic in function it's not serving any real purpose atm.

I need to know which ones are installed when I sell mods. So many times I accidentally sold the installed version of something, because there is nothing telling me which of the 4 or 5 mods is the one installed (or even in how many cases, as I might have installed that specific mod once, but another 15 times). 

The teeny tiny symbol is all I have to guide me in this case of ever increasing amounts of mods I am managing for sales, installation and avoid overlaps with my companions.

I would like to see (in cases like the trade window & mod station):

- How many times installed for EVERY installed mod

- A symbol on a the mod specifying: installed on a weapon/frame/companion/archwing/etc.

In these simple examples for demonstration purposes:


I can't deduct any more infos than "it's installed".

Some conflicts are overlapping installations, that could be easier to spot with a symbol giving me a better overview:


Somehow I have installed 2 of the same mods and can't tell which one is installed maybe only once and on whom so I can change it, and when trading either one, I would not know which one is best to remove and sell. Maybe a seperate window could provide such information to truly enable me to manage my mods:


(And the same info on demand for the other Flow mod and I now can manage my duplicates specifically to avoid such cases).




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Another thing that keeps happening to me:

When I level weapons I use a build without sentinel. Often enough I find out much later that one or more mods I equipped is also the one on my Sentinel weapon, since there is no indication of a possible conflict, only when it is already existing. Why not ust mark a mod with a maker where it is installed regardless if that item is present in the build?

If I try to use a mod that is clearly marked as being used by the Sentinel weapon I get this:


That is nice to be notified, but I can already see that:


Why not show me this information permanently, regardless if the Sentinel is equipped at that time? It would make is so much easier to avoid mod conflicts without ANY DRAWBACK.

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