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Hello Everyone,

actually our Operator can choose only one path per mission.
Thanks nice and cool but i missed a bit the individuality.
Why down we just learnd every Path and combine the skills like we want.

void-rush: heal, regenerate energie, decrement Armor, ...
void-woge: creat a shield in front of you, set a magnetig bubble agains your enemy,...

and so on, wouldn't that be more funny how player would play there Operator?

Greetings Riju

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The answer to this question is the exact same reason that we don't have a mix-and-match Warframe where you can pick other Warframe powers from a list and just use those. There are things that are powerful about each school, but deliberate weaknesses to using that school too, and one of the disadvantages that's entirely deliberate on DE's part is that you can't use everything you want all at once.

The Schools all have advantages and disadvantages, if you want to use one aspect of a School, you can't use an aspect from another.

What you can do instead, though, is farm up the Operator Arcanes and unbind the Waybound skills and equipping them on the other schools.

In this way your Operator gains the base boost in Amp Ammo and Regen, base Health and increased Healing per second, base Movement Speed and a longer Void Dash, base Armour and range on the Void Blast, and also base Energy and Energy Regen, all no matter which School you're using.

With the Arcanes you can have the benefits of things like healing or protection, CC, damage boosting and everything else so that you can build an Operator that uses your preferred School for its aspects, and covers for the rest with the Arcane effects.

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