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If I introduce Goku in the second half of the year, then I will consider the names of the various packages, the small package is called the key frame(定海神针), and the tundish is called the seventy-two changes(七十二变), the best package is called the destruction of heaven(大闹天宫).

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23 minutes ago, zuraith said:

K I'm still lost after the translation

Each Prime Access comes with 3 different tiers of packages, IIRC they're generally named after the abilities of the Warframe that has been primed. For Instance Equinox Prime Access has:

Metamorphosis as the lowest tier with just the weapons and platinum.

Pacify and Provoke as the middle tier with the frame and glyphs included.

Mend and Maim as the top tier, with the accessories.

I would assume that OP is proposing that the Prime Access tiers do not follow this pattern for Wukong Prime, just in incredibly poor English and in the wrong subforum.

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